Declaration of Love (One Dozen Rose Arrangement)

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Proclaim Your Love: 'Declaration of Love' One Dozen Rose Arrangement

Make an unforgettable declaration of love with our 'Declaration of Love' One Dozen Rose Arrangement. Twelve carefully preserved roses express the depth of your emotions, ensuring your love story continues to flourish.

Please note that the product images are provided for reference, and the actual arrangement may exhibit slight variations in fillers, vases, and colors, subject to item availability.

Key Features:

🌹 Twelve real roses, masterfully preserved to retain their form, texture, and allure, lasting up to a year or more with minimal care. 💧 Zero need for a green thumb – no watering necessary. 🌿 Effortless maintenance with included care instructions. 💌 Personalized message insert card option available. 🚚 Opt for convenient pickup or delivery for an additional fee.

Seal your love with our 'Declaration of Love' One Dozen Rose Arrangement, an enduring testament to your affection.

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